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Senate Bill 2 (Constitutional Amendments)

January 22, 2021
During a Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee meeting, Senator Cris Dush speaks in support of Senate Bill 2, legislation that would limit the length of a Governor’s emergency declaration to 30 days unless approved for a longer duration by the General Assembly.     [Read More]

Dush Appointed to Lead Senate Local Government Committee

January 14, 2021
State Senator Cris Dush (R-25) was named Chairman of the Senate Local Government Committee for the 2020-21 Legislative Session. Listen   [Read More]

Rendo Radio Interview

January 08, 2021
Senator Dush is interviewed by Rendo Radio in Punxsutawney and discusses his swearing in ceremony and legislative agenda for the 25th District. Listen   [Read More]

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Senator Dush Discusses His Priorities

November 25, 2020
Senator Dush Discusses His Priorities   [Read More]