In November 2020, voters elected Senator Cris Dush to represent the 25th Senatorial District, which includes Cameron, Clinton, Elk, Jefferson, McKean, Potter and Tioga Counties and portions of Clearfield County.  Prior to his election to the state Senate, Cris served as a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for six years, representing the 66th Legislative District.

As a state Senator, his priorities include reducing government spending and over-regulation, working to balance budgets, and fighting against tax increases.   He is a strong supporter of 2nd amendment rights and will work to protect the constitutional rights of Pennsylvanians, to protect the freedoms they enjoy. 

As a freshman Senator, Dush was named Chairman of the Senate Local Government Committee for the 2020-21 legislative session. The Local Government Committee is responsible for reviewing legislation that affects Pennsylvania’s more than 2,500 county and municipal government entities.

Dush also was named to seven key committees in the Senate including the State Government Committee, as vice chair, and the Communications and Technology, Game and Fisheries, Labor and Industry and Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness committees. In August 2021, he was named chair of the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee, and given the job of conducting an investigation of the integrity of the 2020 election in Pennsylvania. The goal of the review is to better inform the legislature about potential future actions to be considered to improve the state’s election system, with that effort focused on being legally sound and proceeding in a careful, thoughtful and transparent manner.

A native of Brookville, Cris graduated from Brookville Area High School in 1979 and attended Clarion State College before enlisting in the U.S. Air Force. While serving in the Air Force, Cris held positions as a law enforcement specialist, law enforcement patrolman, flight chief (shift leader), Hostage Negotiation Team Chief, Anti-Terrorism Program Manager and Resource Protection Technical Consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA. 

In 1995, Cris returned to the Brookville area to begin 16 years of service with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. He retired as a corrections officer in January 2012. 

In 2000, Cris enlisted with the 193rd Special Operations Wing of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard as a Security Forces member and received numerous awards in the performance of his duties. He was deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Noble Eagle and on the American border in New Mexico. He also served on the staff with the Air Force Special Operations Command. 

Cris also served as the Chief of Information Protection, responsible for safeguarding the classified information programs at the Pennsylvania Air National Guard headquarters and units throughout the Commonwealth. In December 2016, Cris retired from the 193rd as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO).

Cris resides in Pine Creek Township with his wife Traci in Jefferson County.